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Lessons in Time Management by Kristin Blow

You see, it’s a comedic title because it seems like I’m going to teach you about time management when the opposite is true. I’m terrible with time management. This is a relatively new phenomenon in my life. I used to be great with time management. I was always that kid in high school that always had her work done on time, no matter what, and I was never late for anything. Even my first year and sophomore year at Simmons were fine. And fall semester of my junior year? Forget it, I was a rockstar. I worked 40 hours a week AND had four classes and I breezed through it like nothing and got As and Bs as usual.

Then I went to Paris.

Paris ruined me.

If any of you have ever studied abroad, you know how little actual academic work you do. That is not to say the classes are not rewarding because they are. And taking five classes completely in French took me almost to fluency in the language. But the amount of actual homework and paper writing we were required to do was so minimal, and when I came back to “les States” for fall semester, it was an uphill battle. Now all of my time management skills are gone, floating around in the Seine and lost in the cracks between the 500 year old cobblestones, fallen out of my pockets during wine drunken shenanigans down la rue Mouffetard.

But here I am, my last semester as an undergrad, and I need to get it together.

Needless to say, I’ve chosen “A Writer’s Time: Making Time to Write” as the book I’m going to buy. I was also interested in The Curious Writer because of one phrase that was in the summary on Amazon, “The book operates on the principle that writers who begin with questions, rather than answers, achieve better results in their work,” which I thought was very interesting. Another book that caught my eye as I was reading overviews during these snowy days was “The Elements of Academic Style” which I actually still might buy, as well as A Writer’s Time, because it focuses specifically on academic writing and the patterns in scholarly writing, which would be useful, I think.

As for a guru, I’m torn between two as of this moment, but I’ll be deciding for sure later on today before our check in/class time.